Deb –  

I have had the opportunity to speak with a lot of folks over the last few months and JassaFIT will fill a huge gap for so many people. This is truly for EVERYONE that is serious about becoming healthy and fit, long term. The benefits I have experienced from the Paleo lifestyle, and training/coaching from Jason, are nothing short of amazing to me. I believe it to be the very thing that will change lives, like it did for me and so many others. I am so glad to be a part of this incredible health and fitness community with you, and can’t wait to hear all the success stories, life changing moments and sharing that I know will take place over the next several months as we get to meet.

 Val -

WOW – wish I had known years ago, how little it takes to get your body into shape …
I have dieted – calorie restriction – for a few years. I did lose weight, and accomplished a lovely skinny fat physique. Not quite what I wanted.  My head is shaking today when I see what a mere 2 weeks feels and looks like for me. I’m not even lifting heavy weights yet – just started with lower weights.  My core feels completely different even after I increased my calorie intake, which I was hesitant to do after losing 30 lbs on calorie restriction. So I upped the calories, started the heavy lifting routine (no met-cons, because of adrenals) and the difference already has me in shock. I cannot wait to see what happens after I really start getting into more weights.  I was already walking and doing some light yoga. What I love is the “minimalist” approach, and how very little “time” it takes … so much more effective than the heavy cardio I used to do and see no results.  Thank you to JassaFIT for that very important information I’ve been missing all these years.  I’m hooked now.

Ben- Ben

Growing up I’ve always ranged a from a little chubby to extra chubby. I grew up in a big Italian family, there was always too much food around. Mainly pasta and desserts. All of my uncles on my fathers side, as well as my father are diabetic and overweight. At a family reunion a couple years ago I really started to realize that I was pointed in that same direction and started really looking for a change. I remember clearly being at work irritated at how big and out of shape I had gotten. I started looking around on iTunes for some fitness podcasts to listen to while I worked. I stumbled upon the Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness podcast and that’s a wrap! Well, its been about a year and a half since I’ve started Paleo. I really haven’t stayed dialed though until the first of this year. I finally got tired of going up and down, and I realized that when I had my diet dialed I really felt so much better. So since the first of the year, the diet has stayed pretty dialed with a few exceptions on vacation. I have been working out between my friend’s CrossFit, a traditional gym, and at the house with a kettlebell, about 3-4 days a week. I walk as much as I can each day, and on nice weekends I’ll skip a workout to go hiking at Sweetwater Creek State park. I was somewhere around 225 at my highest during my journey and now I’m just under 190. I’m really not concerned about my final weight, the pictures and the way I feel have done more than a scale could. The beach felt a whole lot better this summer! I still have a little way to go as far as fat loss is concerned, but I couldn’t be happier so far. I feel better, I sleep better, I breathe better, I feel stronger and faster. Losing weight has almost become secondary. I would really love to thank Jason and Sarah for all of the work that they do, and the passion they put towards it. You’ve both helped me so much!

Jane -

Wow..I started this Paleo journey back in August over a year ago. Leading up to that I did the usual low carb gamut: Metabolism Miracle ( no laughing please!) Atkins, South Beach. A few failed attempts at WW where I GAINED weight. A stint at Muay Thai kickboxng which was awesome but ended up with surg on my good hip, and being the same weight when I left as when I started.  Something was not working.  Enter a trial at a local CrossFit box that had a link for the Paleo Diet.  I never fully joined the box as I was waiting for surgery for my hip, but I did jump right on board the Paleo bandwagon and so did my fiance. We really have never looked back. We still fall to the occaisional pizza or other horrid food, but we are learning in a painful way not to do that. I think we are a bit hard headed but it is finally getting through.

I have lost a few things since going Paleo.  Constant hip and back pain that I have had since childhood, nagging stomach discomfort since I was 20 years old, bloating to the point that i looked like I was imminently giving birth, not having the energy or desire to do ANYTHING, and a horrible body image. I have also lost insane food cravings, the need to get up in the middle of the night to EAT, hunger pangs that would make me mental, crazy PMS rage, and cravings.

I have gained a sense of true satisfaction in the way we live, an appreciation of fresh, local food, a new found joy and aptitude for cooking good food.  A love of movement, a better understanding of my body, and a zest for life that had all but disappeared. I have gained a true community here at JassaFIT with folks that will support me and laugh with me on this incredible journey.  I have learned we truly are what we eat and that my big bro was right all along being so high fallutin’ about eating fresh local food.

I have learned it’s all about the journey. Its not about the scale, it’s about how we feel. It’s not about the numbers but how we live. Who we are and what we do are more important than how much money we make or how many toys we have. Its about living life fully and with our whole being.  And I dont think I would have realized any of this without the great crew here at JassaFIT. Thanks to all of you for sharing this journey with me.

Heather -

I have been overweight most of my life and the times, looking back at pictures, when I wasn’t, I still thought I was. But now I know that regardless of weight, I was not healthy. I tried a lot of different ways of eating.  Low fat, vegetarian, restricted calories…all in an attempt to understand what my body wanted to be healthy (in my younger years, that was mostly weight related). And I’ve always been fairly active.

I managed to keep weight under control until after the first baby at 28. But more than weight, I had depression like never before, which came with quick and fierce temper. I had another baby and I was well on my way to medication when I found Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons. For the next 10 years I followed, or tried to follow her program, essentially eating prot/veg/whole carb at each meal and no sugar/white flours, making sure to not let your blood sugar drop or spike beta endorphins which could lead to cravings. And for the first year or two it was like magic, my depression subsided mostly and I dropped some weight, too. I didn’t eat sugar and felt I was doing well food wise. I was also busy with babies! But then I started to cycle, again, in and out of depression and I couldn’t always stop eating or eating sugar. I didn’t feel good. So, I cut out wheat, same cycle. Cut out corn, same cycle. But I kept eating gluten free carb products, of course. And I was always ashamed I couldn’t stop eating sugar and sometime just stop eating! I tried all kinds of exercise to fix the problem, too.  Pilates, running, weights (light), walking, aerobics…you name it, but not heavy lifting or short intensity workouts.

Then my husband and I separated, about a year ago, after over 20 years of being together. I kind of gave up on everything health related for a few months. I ate everything and lots of it. But I had already heard about paleo and it was working on me. At first I was thinking it was like everything else, a quick fix, and I needed a long haul. Then I started reading and reading and oh my. I did a 30 day challenge and for the first time EVER it seemed I didn’t have cravings! I got hungry and then full and stopped. That was what sold me and that was just the beginning. Mark’s Daily Apple was my first exposure and I started his 5 basic movements a few times a week. Then I found Sarah and her website, bought her cookbook and really started to think about how to move my body in a more functional way. I even sent an email to her asking how I could do the exercise on my own and received a response…Stay tuned! Shortly after, JassaFIT was born and I was one of the first in line!

Now, 4 months eating paleo and 2 months with JassaFIT the food is going well and the exercise is fantastic! I have gained so much in such a short time. I feel strong and sometimes I pick something up and marvel at how easy it is, how I don’t tweak my back (with proper form, I swear!). My body is HAPPY and I understand it, finally. I move with ease. I am no longer depressed and down days are just that, a day and gone. All the stuff I thought was “wrong” with me, is no longer. I gain increasing awareness with each day and I continue to marvel. One of my jobs is as a massage therapist and it can be hard on a 43 year old body. But again, after just 2 months I have less body issues and can go longer and stronger. That is huge!

This community has been so supportive and it’s a highlight to my day!

JeffJeff -

After years of yo-yo dieting and long hours of work, I came home to an unfaithful wife who told me I was too fat to ever make her happy. At the time I was 5’10 265 lbs. 2 months of daily pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to deal with my failed marriage I picked up The Paleo Diet. zoomed through it in just a few weeks and now I’m blazing through The Paleo Coach. Hope to be able to buy Sarah’s cookbooks soon. I am now remarried to an amazingly gorgeous and supportive woman. Though she doesn’t adhere to the Paleo lifestyle she does try to make choices that help me. So at this point I am still 5’10 (Paleo hasn’t made me taller, ugh) and weigh 190. Hoping to be even leaner. I am now a firefighter and feel amazing at work and at home.

- Laura

I have been athletic and followed the Standard American Diet my entire life. I played tennis and swam competitively throughout grade school and high school and continued through the rest of my life as a runner and a gym rat. I thought that I was healthy and in shape until I met with Jason in May 2010 and found out how unhealthy I actually was.  After almost two years of working out with Jason and following proper nutrition, I am truly healthy.  I have lost body fat, my allergies are gone, I no longer have acid reflux, my blood pressure is normal, my skin is amazing, and most importantly, I feel great!! My energy level is higher than ever and I rarely get sick.  I would recommend JassaFIT to anyone, no matter what age or goals.  Jason and Sarah have an amazing wealth of knowledge to share.  Everyone and anyone can benefit from this type of nutrition and exercise!

Michelle - 

After years at globo-gyms and distance running I thought I was “fit”, and I was apprehensive to try anything else. After all, why wouldn’t I be fit if I could run 26.2 miles without stopping? No worries about my diet either. Again, because after all of those miles running I needed to carbo-load with grains before and after workouts to sustain the burning of those carbs while running for hours at a time. I could also eat anything else that I wanted! However, I always did wonder why I was always sluggish, had one running injury after another, had little muscle tone, was always sick, was doubled over in pain nearly every month with a gut problem…and always, always hungry.

Meeting Jason was an eye-opener and I was in for a rude awakening. Everything I thought I knew about health and fitness was turned on its head. From the short, tough workouts, to lifting heavy weights (I thought I’d end up looking like a man), to living a Paleo lifestyle. I didn’t believe it. But I was intrigued, so I tried it it. I noticed changes within a week or two. No gut pain and I had more energy. Weeks later my running pains decided to go away. I could go longer without being famished, shaky, and cranky. I had muscles making an appearance. Instead of being sick every month, in a year I only got sick once. Even then, it was only for a couple days and I recovered quickly. Now, I can run faster, lift heavier, and participate in all of life’s activities without fear of not being “fit enough”.

Jason cares and is here to help you reach your goals, and the rest of us will cheer you on while you do. And no, heavy lifting won’t make all of you ladies look like a man.



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