Deb –  

I have had the opportunity to speak with a lot of folks over the last few months and JassaFIT will fill a huge gap for so many people. This is truly for EVERYONE that is serious about becoming healthy and fit, long term. The benefits I have experienced from the Paleo lifestyle, and training/coaching from Jason, are nothing short of amazing to me. I believe it to be the very thing that will change lives, like it did for me and so many others. I am so glad to be a part of this incredible health and fitness community with you, and can’t wait to hear all the success stories, life changing moments and sharing that I know will take place over the next several months as we get to meet.

Laura -

I have been athletic and followed the Standard American Diet my entire life. I played tennis and swam competitively throughout grade school and high school and continued through the rest of my life as a runner and a gym rat. I thought that I was healthy and in shape until I met with Jason in May 2010 and found out how unhealthy I actually was.  After almost two years of working out with Jason and following proper nutrition, I am truly healthy.  I have lost body fat, my allergies are gone, I no longer have acid reflux, my blood pressure is normal, my skin is amazing, and most importantly, I feel great!! My energy level is higher than ever and I rarely get sick.  I would recommend JassaFIT to anyone, no matter what age or goals.  Jason and Sarah have an amazing wealth of knowledge to share.  Everyone and anyone can benefit from this type of nutrition and exercise!

Michelle - 

After years at globo-gyms and distance running I thought I was “fit”, and I was apprehensive to try anything else. After all, why wouldn’t I be fit if I could run 26.2 miles without stopping? No worries about my diet either. Again, because after all of those miles running I needed to carbo-load with grains before and after workouts to sustain the burning of those carbs while running for hours at a time. I could also eat anything else that I wanted! However, I always did wonder why I was always sluggish, had one running injury after another, had little muscle tone, was always sick, was doubled over in pain nearly every month with a gut problem…and always, always hungry.

Meeting Jason was an eye-opener and I was in for a rude awakening. Everything I thought I knew about health and fitness was turned on its head. From the short, tough workouts, to lifting heavy weights (I thought I’d end up looking like a man), to living a Paleo lifestyle. I didn’t believe it. But I was intrigued, so I tried it it. I noticed changes within a week or two. No gut pain and I had more energy. Weeks later my running pains decided to go away. I could go longer without being famished, shaky, and cranky. I had muscles making an appearance. Instead of being sick every month, in a year I only got sick once. Even then, it was only for a couple days and I recovered quickly. Now, I can run faster, lift heavier, and participate in all of life’s activities without fear of not being “fit enough”.

Jason cares and is here to help you reach your goals, and the rest of us will cheer you on while you do. And no, heavy lifting won’t make all of you ladies look like a man.



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